profileLindCom A/S – a technology company in rapid growth

LindCom A/S – a technology company in rapid growth LindCom was founded in 2005 by engineer and entrepreneur Flemming Lind Andersen as an IT communication company. The company was subsequently conceptualised toward creating IT-technological quality products to optimise and streamline the daily production, stock control and distribution of big raw material suppliers and organisations. LindCom’s fundamental goal is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of IT solutions for the market with the focus on no-compromise precision, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Today LindCom is the sole supplier of this unique technology and singular in its expertise in online remote monitoring and optimisation of logistics of silo and tank systems. As a result, the company has extensive collaboration with several of Denmark’s biggest raw material suppliers – including DLG, DLA Agro and OK Benzin – on product development, which helps future-proof the hands-on development of LindCom’s measuring systems.

LindCom’s three main products – SiloSense, TankSense and eSTOCK – are all EU patented.