SiloSense – one of the worlds most cost-effective and precise measuring systems

With an accuracy of 98%, SiloSense is the worlds most precise measuring system for the contents of silos on steel supports.

The SiloSense system is both robust and reliable. The measuring units run on special weather-resistant lithium batteries with a lifetime of at least four years, so SiloSense does not need a mains connection. This not only makes the system exceptionally cost-effective and simple to install – it also avoids any safety risk from having to run electricity cables along the silos steel construction.

LindComs SiloSense sensors are mounted directly on a silos metal supports. They measure the level of silo contents using an advanced strain-gauge technique with specially designed transducers. Depending on the load-bearing structure and calibration technology, the MultiSense system gives you not only an accuracy that is 98% of full-scale but also the industry\’s simplest and most cost-effective way of measuring silo contents.

Flexible IT remote monitoring
SiloSense measures and sends all data via the systems wireless GPRS unit to a full-service IT web base, where the data is collected, analysed and stored. All users of SiloSense can monitor storage contents and consumption information 24/7 in the central database via the web portal eSTOCK – LindComs specially designed on-line stock control unit.

SiloSense also provides the following system services:

  • Push-button storage monitoring
    The silo can be monitored via your mobile phone with precise data in seconds.
  • Automatic stock messages
    SiloSense can be set to automatically send electronic messages when the contents of a silo reach a customer-defined minimum or maximum.

Facts about SiloSense

  • Measuring precision is 98% of full-scale
  • Can be installed simply, fast and economicallyk
  • Wireless measurement independent of the mains
  • GPRS-based wireless data transmission
  • Access to all data 24/7 via the Internet: consumption and stocks
  • Stocks can be monitored via SMS
  • Automatic stock messages to mobile phone and supplier
  • On-line and live full-service support