Leading-edge measuring technology from LindCom helps both your bottom line and the environment.

LindCom has created MultiSense, one of the most intelligent combinations of logistical IT services and measuring technology ever seen. The concept optimises and streamlines production, monitoring, logistics and distribution for industrial and agricultural products stored in tanks and silo systems.

LindComs measuring system, MultiSense, uses high-tech remote monitoring to give the customer one of the markets most cost-effective, reliable and precise registration and reporting systems for measuring the contents of tanks and silos. With this system, LindCom has developed a unique total solution to co-ordinate users and suppliers in an optimal logistics network, creating the basis for significant savings and a detailed and valuable overview of daily production that is unsurpassed.

25% reduction in CO2

The electronic on-line collection of storage data between the users\’ MultiSense interface and LindCom\’s central IT system gives raw material suppliers a unique opportunity to continuously optimise their transport and distribution planning. This means not only a financial saving for all parties, but also a dramatic CO2 reduction of up to 25%* as a result of more efficient raw material deliveries.

The world’s most reliable and flexible remote monitoring system
Reliability is alpha and omega for LindCom\’s remote monitoring system. So MultiSense is designed so that the measuring unit is independent of mains electricity and runs on special long-life lithium batteries that last more than four years. The system uses a combination of batteries, wireless radio technology and GPRS data transfer protocol to deliver measurements from any geographical location. Moreover, the measuring system\’s platform allows for individual customisation for industrial applications – including automatic alarm calls – while LindCom\’s remote monitoring system gives on-line and live full-service support. So LindCom offers one of the world\’s most reliable and precise remote monitoring systems for tanks and silos.

A solid investment in the future

LindCom\’s remote monitoring system costs little in time and money to install – for example, the system can be installed by the customer. So the return on investment is short and, in principle, starts from the moment you switch on. On average, the investment is recouped within 12–24 months. Moreover, LindCom\’s experts constantly monitor user requirements and keep the system up to date, so that the users are always on the leading edge of market developments.